Here’s How DeKalb County Mugshots Get Taken

Most of us have seen scenes in which criminals get arrested, and their snapshots get taken from different, typically two or three angles from the waist up. In some circumstances, the convicted is holding up a piece of information with their name and other bits of data. These pictures get called mugshots. But the movies are a little more dramatic, so let’s know what the real dekalb county mugshots are and how they are different.

So, what are mugshots?

Mugshots or “mug shots” are the unofficial title of police photo of the accused, which signifies as the photographic and detailed representation of the accused from the waist up, commonly gets taken following once the accused person gets arrested.

The concept of mugshots or picturizing the criminals began in the early 1840s, about when photography kick-started.

The parts of the mugshot

A typical mugshot comprises of two parts, involving one side view and the other of a front view. The background involves a clear and stark wall or sheet that helps bypass any distractions and helps get a detailed picture of all the facial features instead of photographs that get taken in casual settings. Prisoners that get subjected to long term prison may get a series of snaps taken that may get compiled and formed to make a mug book. It helps determine the true identity of any convicted criminal. These mug shots get kept private, but occasionally when the criminal is a popular and public personality, the mug shots may get released for the press and media.

The mugshots that get taken in the films are more often very dramatic. But the dekalb county mugshots get used for official identification purposes only once the accused gets convicted of the crime. The snaps remain as the proof for the police for any future identifications and as records.